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Final Four Brackets for Tuesday 7-15



Featured Scores
Mr. G’s (Susquehanna JH) 39
Clark Resources ( HBG JH) 52
HIGH SCORERS   Shaquon Anderson (CA) 24pts / Royce Urena (MG) 13pts
Featured Scores
3 Star Foundation (Adult) 56
Major Prep (Adult) 38
HIGH SCORERS   Tristan Crawford (3SF) 19pts / Steve Jones (MP) 9pts

Featured Scores
United Concordia (Susquehanna) 45
Harrisburg Young Professionals 38
HIGH SCORERS   Aeneas Carter (UC) 10pts  / Chris Whitaker (HYP) 19pts
Featured Scores
Omega Psi Phi (Harrisburg) 57
Brickers Pizza (Hershey) 46
HIGH SCORERS   Jahaad Proctor (OPP) 29 / Dylan Painter (BP) 24pts



7-15-2014 Championship entry


Decisions Decisions Decisions…… 2014 Big School Championship  

Jahaad Proctor (HBG) defends the perimeter as Matt Miller (HHS) tries to feed Dylan Painter (HHS) inside. Steve Olsen (HBG) fights for prime defensive position.
When Jahaad Proctor and De’Jour Williams go up against Taylor Sweeney and Dylan Painter, chances are whoever makes the most mistakes will be on the short end of the stick. So when players of this caliber step out on the floor in a championship game versus one another, each decision they make could end up making or breaking the game. Every segment of this one played out almost like a chess game. Well thought through execution by Brickers Pizza and strategic placement of players by Omega Psi Phi. In the first half, Hershey was always one step ahead and knew exactly what it wanted to do. Play smart and let the game come to you ( and force it your way a couple times with your bigs lol).

Taylor Sweeney (HHS) attempts free throws. He made a total of 10 during the course of the game.
But Harrisburg had a few ideas on how to make Hershey’s bigs work for their share of the title. With a rotation of bigs of their own, Omega was atleast able to force Brickers bigs to make decisions and not just plain old execute what was on Coach Blackburns clip board, and this would leave opportunities for Brickers to possibly make mistakes. In the middle of the mayhem, with Harrisburgs traditional “built tough” confidence, stood Steve Olsen. Steve Olsen has had some quiet but fabulous defensive games over the last few weeks at SSL. He’s no stranger to dealing with the mid state’s top tier big men. Give plenty of credit to Olsen in Harrisburgs big win over Rookies a week ago where his defensive efforts kept “The Hanna’s” big man offensive output to a minimum. And while last night Dylan Painter scored a team high 24 pts for Hershey, Steve-O (as he is affectionately called) made Painter work for it and even kept Painter to a minimum when the cougars made their move to snatch the trophy in the 2nd half of the championship game last night.

Steve Olsen (HBG) defends an offensive attack from Taylor Sweeney (HHS)
Omega Psi Phi rallied with about 7 mins to go in the game. Capitalizing off of Hershey’s mistakes, such as missed defensive assignments and making what they could out of 2nd chance opportunities, the cougars finally built a lead that would sustain them. Jahaad Proctor stepped up and scored the basketball when it was needed. He baited defenders into contact situations to draw fouls and punished them for not pressuring his mid range and 3 point shooting. With 29 points and key defensive plays as a help defender, Proctor played as a leader and never relinquished the responsibility while on the floor.

De’jour Williams (HBG) directs the offense while Jordan Wix-Rauch (HHS) sizes up a chance at making a play on the ball
De’jour Williams also played big on offense and defense for Omega. He had outstanding shot selection and always came up big when Harrisburg needed it most. A defensive hustle play during the cougars rally led to the 2nd half of back to back baskets for Williams and also gave the cougars their first lead since early on in the 1st half. Proctor and Williams will head into their senior season as SSL champions and that says alot about whats in store this winter for Harrisburg hoops. Brickers Pizza going throughout the summer session undefeated and being one game away from summer perfection is also a huge statement. Expect big things from each of these programs during the school year.
Congrats to Omega Psi Phi on its 2014 SSL Big School Division championship.


To see the game in full click play on the video below




SSL Small School Championship


Julian Mosley (SUS JV) and Brennen Jackson (HBG) tip off last nights Championship
The Small School Division match up between the Undefeated Harrisburg Young Professionals (Harrisburg B) and United Concordia (Susquehanna Twp B) started off with no less excitement than a storied traditional rivalry. Both teams seemed to want to occupy the same real estate on the court and each player was willing to compete for every inch of hardwood. United Concordia was able to go further down its bench than was HYP and after about half way through the first half “The Hanna” was able to gain enough ground to establish control. From there it seemed to be an uphill battle for HYP but it didnt feel like the Young Professionals were in an unfamiliar place. With defensive effort from Nasir Jones and some crafty scoring from Chris Whitaker, “The Burg” was able to storm back after an 8 point halftime difference in favor of the Indians and gain as much as a 5 point lead. After a United Concordia timeout and a few back and forth exchanges in scoring the game was about even with under 10 minutes to play. All clipboards down, it was simply time to play with heart and put the ball in the hoop for both young teams. Strategy was no longer a factor and character was everything. For about a 1 minute and 30 second stretch neither team could get into a half court offense with out turnovers and mental mistakes shifting the direction of play. It was a very scrappy segment of the contest only stopped by a few respectable foul calls by the officiating crew. Suddenly the game started flowing again. Aeneas Carter was able to make progress through HYP’s press and HYP was able to get some nice looks at the rim and a few offensive boards.

Sam Allen (SUS JV) finishes strong at the rim.
On one particular play, a United Concordia player got their hand into the passing lane as HYP was advancing the ball. Larson Holly came up with the loose ball and began the front end of a fast break being slightly tailed by a harrisburg defender. While going up for a lay up, his shot fell oddly short. Holly went down and a Susquehanna teammate cleaned up the rebound. Harrisburg defenders converged and the ball was in limbo as players from each team clawed at it. Susquehanna coaches wanted a foul to be called when Holly’s lay up fell short but the officials view was otherwise. The game was stopped by a technical foul call issued to a coach from the United Concordia bench as he was coming out onto the floor. In total, two technical fouls were issued (both on United Concordia) when the game was disrupted but a huge cloud of concern had began to cover the atmosphere. Larson Holly still hadnt gotten up from the odd lay up that fell short. Suddenly, a host of concerned parents and coaches were surrounding Holly and the players were asked to leave the floor. Larson Holly had suffered a serious injury somewhere along his left leg and just that quick, feirce opponents were once again friends, just as they had been prior to tip off in the stands and in the foyer of Kimber gymnasium. Looks of concern on the faces of players, parents, and coaches seemed to be contagious as the paramedics came on the scene to stabilize the injury. After about 30 minutes the game resumed with Harrisburg getting 4 technical foul shots in which only one was made. Suprisingly, the players from each team were able to flip the switch and get back to some unsettled business. 

Julian Mosley (SUS) Attempts a second chance basket over Brennen Jackson (HBG)
The United Concordia back court would have to play even smarter after the loss of a key player to injury and that’s exactly what it did. Down the stretch, missed shots and mental errors caused Harrisburg to slip into a double digit deficit. With Chris Whitaker in foul trouble harrisburg would need to find some points but they simply could not. United Concordia would close out the game using clock management and defensive consistency. The Hanna proudly brought home the 2014 SSL Small school division trophy and avenged a 20+ point loss earlier in the season by way of HYP. Harrisburg’s small school team falls just one game short of a perfect summer season. Congrats to United Concordia on its win and our hearts are with Larson Holly hoping for a speedy recovery and a strong return back to action asap.



SSL Junior High School Championship


Shaquon Anderson (HBG JH) faces up against Roland Norfleet (ST JH) in Tuesday nights Championship game
If the SSL junior high school championship is any kind of glimpse into the future of mid state basketball then things are looking very promising. The up and coming talent was very competitive and gave off a certain energy of humility as if it yearns to get even better. On display last night it was Mr G’s (Susquehanna JH) vs Clark’s Associates (Harrisburg JH). While Clark’s Associates controlled for the entirety of the game Mr G’s never went away and always kept things interesting. Harrisburg JH had alot of fire power, and behind the 24 point outing by Shaquon Anderson Mr G’s just couldn’t seem to find and angle to contemplate a win. A spark of excitement flowed through the crowd as Mr G’s got the deficit to under 10 points with about 3 mins to go in the game. But when Clark’s went into its trademark full court pressure defense the game was set in stone. Congrats to Mr G’s for a great performance and Congrats to Clark’s Associates on their 2014 SSL JH Championship.



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